We believe self-care practices should lead to self-love.

That's why we created beautiful organic tea that is full of positive intentions and high vibrations. The perfect compliment to your self care rituals.   

Tea with Intention

As our lives become busier, overwhelm sets in and we become disconnected from ourselves.

We then forget about the simple things that bring us joy, connection, radiant health… a mindful moment, a deep breath and a cup of tea.

Mystic Cup hopes to bring radiant health and joyous spirit into your life through flavorful, clean and nourishing organic tea.

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  • Made to Support Your Body

    Co-founded and led by three Holistic Health Coaches, Mystic Cup focuses on tea blends that support your physical well-being. Functional blends that support focus, mood, energy, sleep and confidence.

  • Made to Support Mother Earth

    Luxury tea must be hand-plucked which means the harvesting process consumes very little fossil fuel and releases virtually no CO2. Our tea bags are plant-based, plastic free, compostable and biodegradable.

  • Made to Support Your Self-Care

    We are inspired to nourish your mind, body and spirit. Each Mystic Cup of tea is thoughtfully curated with healing in mind. We hope each cup empowers you to create a sacred moment to reconnect with yourself.