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Cherry Rose Loose Leaf Tea [Limited Edition Rose Gold Tin]

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Luxury Loose Leaf Tea in a Limited Edition Rose Gold Tin.

Sweet cherry notes with hints of rose and caramel.

A caffeine free herbal blend with an excellent combination of cherry, rose and rooibos. Sweet cherry and floral notes with light herbal and caramel undertones. A delicious anytime tea that is good for the soul.

If ever a tea was good for the soul, this is it. 

Rooibos is truly one of the most refreshing and life affirming beverages out there. Packed full of nutrients, you can literally feel the goodness filling your body.

A deliciously light cup with sweet floral notes and mellow herbal undertones. 

Luxury Ingredients: 

Rooibos, Rose petals, Blackberry leaves, Natural flavors (Organic Compliant)

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